Spiral Flute Metric

  • HSS
  • 3 Flutes
  • Spiral Flute - End Type
  • Uncoated
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Size DiaShank DiaLOCOALCorner RadiusNo. of FlutesEnd TypeDegreeCoatingIn StockSKUMore InfoVendorPriceQuantity
M10 X 1.5.2862-15/160.00003Spiral FluteUncoated154TT76363Info
M12 X 1.75.2753-3/80.00003Spiral FluteUncoated71TT76365Info
M3 X 0.5.1411-15/160.00002Spiral FluteUncoated23TT76349Info
M3.5 X 0.6.14120.00003Spiral FluteUncoated23TT76351Info
M4 X 0.7.1682-1/80.00003Spiral FluteUncoated151TT76353Info
M4.5 X 0.75.1942-3/80.00003Spiral FluteUncoated94TT76355Info
M5 X 0.8.1942-3/80.00003Spiral FluteUncoated46TT76357Info
M6 X 1.0.2552-1/20.00003Spiral FluteUncoated338TT76359Info
M8 X 1.25.2382-23/320.00003Spiral FluteUncoated50TT76361Info

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